Food and Drinks Electronic Ordering Systems


Online Food Ordering Software and management

Take Away Restaurant online ordering software


Your Take-Away service, without any fee costs

  • Delivery your food to the customers who are nearby - set a radius.
  • Receive online payments or manually approve the orders.
  • Limit your orders to avoid overbookings.
  • Accept online Take-Away orders for all your menus.

    Restrict the delivery orders to certain post codes and close the restaurant on some days of the year.
    Allow the pre-orders or restrict the purchase to the current date.

    See our test site at

    Add and manage your deals

    Offer automated discounts through a smart system based on different types of deals. Highlight your active deals from the included Table1 Take-Away deals module.
    Deals can be available on any week days or disabled for certain days.

    Food Attributes

    Mark your food with some attributes to display intuitive icons to describe their characteristics, like Spicy, Vegetarian, Contains Nuts and so on.

    Create a section for each type of food

    Food can be categorized under sections (like Appetisers, Desserts and so on) and can have variations, so that you don't have to create multiple items for the same product

    Show the right menu for the right day

    The front-end will display only the menus available for the selected date, so that your customers will see the food they will find for their reservation.

    Deals and Extras

    Manage Delivery or Pickup for Take-Away Reservations with the possibility of adding additional costs and creating deals (i.e. with 1 Pizza you get a free Can of Coke)


Food and Drinks Menu System

A quick and efficient system to place orders from a smart phone. Guests simply scan a QR code on their table which takes them to your menu, where they can simply order and pay, they can choose to save their details also to make it quicker on their next order or visit.