Table Reservation Software


Table Reservation Software

Our table reservation system allows you to firstly create a virtual layout of each room in your venue where you can position tables and seating to emulate exactly what's in your premises.

When visitors then come to reserve a table online they can choose exactly where they wish to sit, how many people at their table and also if they wish to even leave any remaining space on the table open to share.

One of the unique features of our system is that for both the Table Reservation Software and our Electronic Menu Ordering System, there is NO APP TO DOWNLOAD.

One of the biggest issues that users are finding now when they visit venues is that they have to download the app for every venue that they visit, with people complaining that this is all using up all the space on their smartphones, even to a point where they are having to delete apps to make space for new ones as they switch venues.

For people also who may not have or use a smart phone, our system allows them to book online and make their reservation from a computer or laptop.

Table Reservation Features
  • Simple, easy to use, easy to manage and cost effective