Food and Drinks Electronic Ordering Systems


order food on your ipad with our software

Food & Drinks Menu Systems

Our Electronic Food & Drinks Menu System is simple and easy to use with NO APP TO DOWNLOAD.

A QR code will be displayed on each table in the venue which a visitor will scan with their smartphone, this will then take them direct to your online menu where they can place their order direct to their table quickly and easily and pay online with their choice of payment methods.

You will then receive this order on your own tablet or computer where you can process the order and also update the customer on the order status.

if you find you are becoming too busy you can also turn off ordering for a temporary period or at closing time to prevent further orders being made.

It all makes for a far more customer focused environment, it adheres to social distancing guidlines and waiters and hostesses can visit tables less with everything being done remote.

Our system is ideal for large venues with lots of covers, restaurant and pub chains, small micro bars and we have also incorporated a Take Away Ordering System so it covers aspect of your hospitality business.

Food and Drinks Menu System

A quick and efficient system to place orders from a smart phone. Guests simply scan a QR code on their table which takes them to your menu, where they can simply order and pay, they can choose to save their details also to make it quicker on their next order or visit.

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